Saturday, 20 December 2014

Nightlife; gig

This was my first gig, ever. To sum it up in one word: Meh

The backstory behind this is that basically, I'd been badgered into going by these girls in my science classes. A boy in one of the bands performing is a sort of friend/acquaintance kind of person, and yet I probably wouldn't have ended up going if it wasn't for them convincing me to.

To be truthful, I had wanted to go for ages, the opportunity had just never risen, and my closest friends hadn't really wanted to go, so I went with some others (not going to lie, they didn't really miss out!).

After being convinced to go and recruiting my allies, I had the strife of deciding what to wear. The first thoughts to run through my head were "dark" and "grunge", so I rifled through my wardrobe a few days in advance to plan my outfit.

After much debate, I decided on just a black vest from Topshop, dark jeans from New Look and velvet heeled shoes from Topshop.

The next hurdle was makeup. Fake eyelashes? I'd never worn them before, and I decided now wasn't a good time to start. I settled with my general look of tonal brown eye shadow- except slightly smokier than usual, with thin black eyeliner to elongate my eyes.

It was Newcastle in a light I'd never seen it before. Maybe because it was Black-eye Friday, or maybe because it was past my bedtime ;)
The outside of the place sort of looked like a brothel mixed with a tattoo parlor, yet it was still sort of exciting.

Inside I expected kids sneaking in drink, smoking in the bathrooms, etc. Instead, we were stopped outside and our bags were searched (I had nothing in mine because I am a good child), and only a few kids managed maybe a flask between them. There were no traces of cigarettes. Just one high guy dancing in the corner.

The bands were good- I felt out of place, though, because I didn't know any of their songs. I was just sort of dancing along to the best of my ability.

Yours unconventionally,
Evangelina x

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