Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Reflecting on 2014

As Christmas 2014 draws in, I thought I would reflect on the events of the past year; how I've changed, how the friends who I love have changed, how life itself for me has changed.

January 2014

At the very beginning of the year, my friends and I took the train down to Durham. It was among the first of many adventures for us, and I shall always treasure that day. The weather was dreary and cold and my hair was probably shorter than it had even been, but it was definitely a day to be remembered.

I think we made the other groups in our year (then year 10) feel jealous because, unlike them, we didn't just get together for parties- we were (and still are) a group of genuine friends. To them it probably seemed strange that boys could simply just be friends with girls.

April 2014

I went to London with my family and, like every family holiday, we had a brilliant time whilst arguing for about three quarters of each of the three days we were there.
Each member of my family (including myself) also managed to hideously embarrass themselves at some point- but my Dad took the crown for something so hideously embarrassing even thinking about it is pricking my eyes with tears (some tears of laughter, some just genuine pain).

May 2014

It began as just a metro adventure with the whole group, but somehow it boiled down  to just me and three others being chased by this weird farmer guy and his dogs. We ended up at Penshaw monument (at least I think that was what it was called). To this day, I have no idea how we ended up there, I only know that it wasn't worth it and it took ages to get home. 

But that day was one of those rare perfect days where you set out to do one thing and end up doing something completely different. It reminded me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such perfectly funny people who kept me dying with laughter for the full agonising day we were outdoors hiking up hills.

July 2014

The day we went to Hadrian's wall with the school! 
It was tiring but definitely worth it- all of us girls spent the entire hike trying to talk to an incredibly handsome teacher who was sadly leaving.
We had some hilarious moments and loads of memories on that day, which I will always fondly look back on. It was a wonderful month, ended by my birthday.

 August 2014

Me and my three wonderful best friends spent a few amazing days in Beadnell. So much fun and laughter was had with us four that I can't even pick one memory. But this photo was taken as we were climbing over rock pools next to Seahouses.
I shall always treasure the memory of that time, purely for being the time when I realised that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have the funniest best friends.

October 2014

I love this picture- even if there is someones (possibly my) thumb over the lens. This is from our school trip to Belgium, and even though one of my best friends was missing, it was still a wonderful time.
Me and two of my best friends had a brilliant time with our other friends in a wonderful, emotional trip visiting trenches and museums.

I'm going to leave December blank because it isn't over yet, and I can only reflect on something once it is totally over!
This year has taught me who my friends are, and recent events have tied my friendship group together more tightly then ever! I love everyone in the group with all my heart, and I'm really hopeful for the new year to be even better then the incredible start to year eleven!

Yours Unconventionally,
Evangelina x

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